Kinetic Electrical Provides
Nationwide Installation Services
for Commercial EV Charging

There is so much to consider when choosing the right EV charging solution for commercial use. Kinetic Electrical works with New Zealand’s leading consultants and solution providers to address this part of the market. There are solutions designed to meet the EV charging needs of;

  • Businesses looking to move their fleet to EV
  • Hotels and motels looking to provide overnight charging for guests
  • Apartment blocks looking to provide day one charging capacity to all tenants
  • Apartments in the design/construction phase looking to lay down the foundation for a gradual, tenant drive uptake of EV charging
  • Retail and hospitality locations that provide clients and the public access to EV charging
  • Journey chargers for drivers on longer trips

In all cases consideration needs to be given to load management (so as to not impact power availability within the building or site), individual power usage/cost (so as to allow the on charging/cost recovery of the power used) and of course the projects total cost of ownership.

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Why Choose Kinetic Electrical as Your Commercial EV Charging Provider?

Expert Guidance

When it comes to commercial EV charging, Kinetic Electrical stands out as your trusted advisor. Our experts tailor solutions to your unique needs and electrical capacity, ensuring you're prepared for evolving technologies.

Comprehensive Selection

Kinetic Electrical boasts a nationwide network, offering an extensive array of EV charging solutions. From basic residential models to advanced commercial systems, we cover the spectrum, ensuring the right fit for your requirements.

Dependable Support

Count on Kinetic Electrical for unwavering support. Our 24/7 repair services, coupled with annual inspections, guarantee reliable and safe EV charging. Choose us for a seamless and worry-free EV charging experience.

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What to consider when choosing an EV solution for commercial use

Smarting Charging

 For commercial use multiple Smart Chargers can be configured to work together, to make optimum use of the incoming power supply, take full advantage of lower-cost off-peak power and react to important load requests from the building or grid, by temporarily reducing charge rates.

What EV charging standards are recognised in New Zealand? 

New Zealand recognises (as at November 2022) international standards on EV charging: IEC, ISO, ISO/IEC and ITU. WorkSafe Energy Safety’s EV charging safety guidelines reference the following standards IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-23 and UL 2251.

Scalability and Future-Proofing

It’s essential to consider the scalability and future-proofing of the charging infrastructure. As your business grows and the demand for electric vehicles increases, you’ll want a system that can easily accommodate additional chargers without significant upgrades or disruptions.

Maintenance and Support Services

Reliable maintenance and support services are critical factors to consider when selecting an EV charging solution for commercial use. Downtime due to charging infrastructure problems can result in inconveniences and loss of productivity, so having a responsive support team is essential.

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